The Steph Pappas Experience

Virtuoso screaming guitar backed by vocals
so cutting edge they leave open veins pumping!

Steph Pappas digs deep into a North America viewed
from backroads, back porches, sleeping bags,
apple orchards, and cold city streets and comes
up with a handful of low-down-and-dirty harmonica blues,
a twist of acoustic roots rock and a flip side she
just may be Jimi Hendrix's baby sister.

Steph Pappas has also been known as the
"psychedelic cowboy chick"
and has been compared with the
energetic stage performing style of The Boss!

So what kind of music is this?
In short it's Blues Punk.

To elaborate on that -
American Underground, Roots Rock,
Blues, Americana, Folk, Country. 

She slings sounds like Jackson Pollock flung paint.

A Steph Pappas Experience show is a truly unique
amazing experience and has producers
and fans alike calling her the experience,
adding it to her Steph Pappas stage name!

Steph is on her own Guitar Girl label in
Burlington, Vermont USA. Steph is a member of ASCAP,
Elite GoGirls and serves on the board of Fool's Gold,
a non-profit fund for local Burlington artists.

She contributed to the music score
in the 2013 December movie release called
Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie.

Filmed & Produced by Nora Jacobson. 

Remember 45's? Hit singles?
Steph released 5 singles in  2014
and is releasing more in 2015!