Notes from Steph

February 22 Wednesday 2017
New single release: JAM!
Also in the music player is SP EXP
January 3rd release: Double Drummers!


January 1 2017

A good time was had by all,
Happy New year 2017!
Pictured is SP EXP at Radio Bean
Dec 31st Saturday 2016

December 13 Tuesday 2016

Getting up in front of your class oh my!
In third grade were you listening to
your classmate read their report on
whatever subject was doled out to them
or maybe it was a "show in tell"
project or were u fretting with all your
might terrified, awaiting your turn?
Well some of those kids have gone on
to be teachers standing in front of a class,
others have taken to playing music on stage,
now how is that? Such a lesson it was.
Hopefully you fear nothing anymore.
And if you do your probably smarter than I.