We'll post just about any live SPEXP vids you send us!

Published Jan. 2018 by channel 17,  just sent to us-  
SP EXP at The Ramble 2017 -
Nathan Scott- electronic drum kit
Michael Kirick- washboard, harmonica, flute
Ted Looby-  acoustic guitar
Steph- acoustic guitar, sing, harmonica



Oct 14 Saturday 2017
SP EXP at Lamp Club Light Shop
You might have to be on fb to see these
2 vids because that's where we found them --


Steph- guitar, sing
Matthew Nerbak- drum kit
Bob Mackenzie- harmonica
Tom Buckley- bass guitar
Pitz Quattrone- didgerido
Aylx Lyons- congas

Joshua Cleaver- bass guitar
Steph- guitar, vocals
Brett Hoffman- drum kit
Bob Mackenzie- harmonica
at Higher Ground
in South Burlington Vermont USA
Film footage by Captain Salty
with Patti Haldane Bonder

July 26 2014 
2 vids of Steph at The Ramble

in the historic Old North End
Burlington Vermont Usa



Steph- guitar
Alyx Lyons- percussion
Drummer Dave- drum
Robin Hanbridge- dejembe

Solo Pappas